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The Productpreneur Podcast

Nov 4, 2019

It’s rare to meet a serial entrepreneur that has had success in all of the companies she’s launched.  This person is Jackie Dinsmore.

Jackie is a good friend of mine and someone I truly respect in business.   We first met when our boys went to pre-school together. We have lots in common, including our love for business.

Jackie is a lawyer turned serial entrepreneur.  She has co-founded three Companies (one of which I consulted for), and successfully sold all three of them!  

She first founded her own product business with her mom, as she wanted to do something that would allow her flexibility to be there for her kids, more than her corporate law career could.   

She quickly realized that she needed to choose between her law career and her new side business which started to gain momentum.  She chose the entrepreneurial route and hasn’t looked back. Since her first business, she launched two more companies and successful sold them all.   Now, she is looking to launch yet another company in a completely unrelated field.

In this episode, Jackie talks about her decision to leave her safe law career, how she created her first prototype at her kitchen table, how she had to become resourceful when finding her first suppliers, some of the challenges she faced with overseas production, and more.

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