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The Productpreneur Podcast

Nov 26, 2021

Entrepreneurship - it seems glamorous.  But when you peel back the curtain, it can get pretty messy.

Being a business owner has its highs and lows.  Some days, you feel like throwing in the towel or just going back to bed.  Other days, you’re on top of the world.

But the experiences and even the lows you face are all part of the journey. The lessons are what makes it all worthwhile.

I’ve had my share of rollercoaster emotions in my journey, and along with it, I’ve learned so many lessons that make it the most valuable experience I’ve ever had

In this episode, I talk about the 10 lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur.  I wonder if you’ve experienced similar lessons.  Tag me on Instagram @nicoledelarzac and let me know!

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