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The Productpreneur Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

Imagine launching a product and having Walmart ask you to pitch to them in your first year of business...sounds too good to be true?  Not for Kerry Roberts, co-founder of Everipe Smoothies. Everipe smoothies are made from organic freeze-dried superfoods, in a convenient single serve pouch that are ready to blend.  

In this episode, learn how Kerry and her business partner, Greg McMullen, created Everipe, ready-to-blend superfood smoothies in 2018 and landed a Walmart listing in short order.  

There are so many great nuggets in this episode.  We’ll talk about 

  1. How you need to fall in love with the problem and not fall in love with your solution. 

  2. Why you should launch with your minimum viable product

  3. How these founders landed a Walmart listing within their first year of business

  4. The not so shiny side of being an entrepreneur

  5. And how being humble is a blessing in business


About Kerry Roberts:

Kerry is a CPG marketer turned consumer insight specialist turned entrepreneur. After years helping other brands find their place in consumers' hearts, Kerry met her now co-founder who had created a genius concept for an all-in-one superfood smoothie kit that uses freeze dried fruits to store in the pantry, offer clean nutrition and delicious taste without any of the work. Kerry recognized the potential the concept had for disruption and jumped in with both feet as a co-founder. Everipe is just a few months into launch, growing steadily and already partnered with Walmart for a regional test. When Kerry isn't blending smoothies, she's snowboarding with her husband and two boys in the Catskills NY, hiking with her golden retriever or taking (sometimes teaching!) spin classes. 


Mentioned on the show:

IG and FB: @everipe