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The Productpreneur Podcast

Oct 8, 2020

You name it….there’s a subscription box for that!


With many subscription boxes marketed towards women, Heidi Avery, mom of teen girl, Sienna Ruby, could not find a subscription box tailored specifically to tween and teen girls. They discovered a gap in the market and the idea for Ruby Crate was born.


A few months later, Heidi launched Ruby Crate, a brand new subscription box designed with tweens and teenage girls in mind. Sure to delight, it is filled with gems – treasures of beauty, style and self-expression to be enjoyed each season. It’s the gift that they look forward to throughout the year, delivered right to their door.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Finding a white space in a crowded subscription box market
  • Creating a new business during the pandemic
  • How to validate your idea through consumer research
  • Launching before perfection - just getting out there with your Minimum Viable Product and refining it along the way
  • Advice for those who want to launch a subscription box

About Heidi Avery:

Heidi is a busy mom of 3, active in the community and has an extensive marketing and advertising background which has helped to channel her passion for this new business.

Note: At the time of recording, Ruby Crate had just launched a couple of weeks prior, and Heidi mentioned that you could order from the first shipment that goes out in October.  Since then, the first set of Oct boxes have sold out, but you can now order for the December holiday boxes, while supplies last.

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