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The Productpreneur Podcast

Apr 22, 2022

Have you thought of yourself as a leader?  If you’re an entrepreneur, you are by default a leader.  You lead your team,  you lead your suppliers, and you lead yourself.

I was recently on the Female Founder Friday podcast with Lindsay White who is a Leadership coach.  We had an interesting conversation about leadership and what it means to be a leader.  I thought you might enjoy this episode so I wanted to share it on this podcast as well.


We chat about:

  • When you have a really strong “why”, it fuels you 
  • Lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur
  • How having a ‘covid life’ crisis has unlocked entrepreneurship for some people 
  • The 3 leadership traits that are important to me, including:
    1. Having a vision bigger than what others see
    2. Taking 100% responsibility
    3.  Seeing the best in others

And more…

Enjoy the show!

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